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Marty Fitzgerald, October 10, 2022 - 7:03 pm

I need prayers for 30 days. I love God believe in God and put God first in my life daily. I need prayers of protection finances and healing daily. I always forgive the 4 adults even though they keep putting black clouds in my life daily. I live with roommates Frances Elaine Thompson -hobgood 11 19 1968 238-39-0505 Steven Phil harner 10 31 1984 Jefferson Chandler Sadler 06 15 1962 and Mary lavin 12 30 1960. All 4 adults worship Satan daily. All 4 adults constantly being possessive controlling and demanding of my life daily. All 4 adults constantly calling each other daily looking for another evil scheme to keep putting on me Marty Fitzgerald daily. All 4 adults constantly threatening my life daily until I am dead. Frances Elaine Thompson -hobgood and Jefferson Chandler Sadler both threw my clothes in the trash and keep laughing about it daily to me Marty Fitzgerald daily. Frances Elaine Thompson -hobgood and Jefferson Chandler Sadler both brags daily that they have arthritis hips medical conditions but believe it is more important to keep threatening my life daily instead of taking care of their health. Frances Elaine Thompson -hobgood and Jefferson Chandler Sadler both brags daily that even though they have severe sharp strong arthritis hips medical conditions they believe that there's no pastors deacons prophets bishops and God that will put them in the hospital for weeks. Frances Elaine Thompson -hobgood and Steven Phil harner brags that they will never stop threatening me Marty Fitzgerald daily until I am dead. All 4 adults constantly brags that they are and always will be the center of attention and not even God will take these away from the 4 adults daily. All 4 adults brags daily that they will never get sick from COVID-19 variants and never run out of money daily. Steven Phil harner brags daily that he gets severe sharp strong headaches and severe sharp strong pains in his legs daily but believe that as Satan stays in control that NO ONE not even God will land him in the hospital for weeks. I have no fami

Terri Eaton-Beaudry, October 7, 2022 - 9:00 pm

for Karen to be healed of all pain caused by glaucoma, no more eye pain or debilitating headaches for my husband Steve to quit smoking and healed in body, ffor revival in my own heart and for my marriage to be healed and all evil soul ties broken forever.

Anonymous, September 28, 2022 - 8:58 pm

Please pray for salvation for Andrew...He was arrested this morning. Please pray for his protection and release of bandage and addiction.

Anonymous, September 16, 2022 - 2:39 am

Crystal Vines, September 12, 2022 - 2:15 am

Please pray for sleep at night and full time employment soon. I am not getting interviews

Anonymous, August 28, 2022 - 8:03 pm

Miracle touch for 13yo grand niece healed from Sickle Cell, but now health turned for the worst, fighting infections, high fevers, organs failing, liver compromised, lots of pain, no appetite, no rest. This frail little girl now size of 7yo has been in the hospital for 14 weeks. She and her family are weary and worn and scared, holding onto Jesus though. Pray for miraculous recovery.

Anonymous, July 26, 2022 - 2:56 am

Please pray for my neighbors, Rodney, Charlene, and family. Please pray for God to intervene and change their hearts. Please pray for God to bring them to contrite hearts and to repentance and stop them from doing evil things to their neighbors. Please also pray for the protection of their children and for their Salvation. Thank you so much for your prayers. May the Father Bless You Abundantly!

Anonymous, July 17, 2022 - 8:50 pm

Please pray for the supernatural peace of God to be on me and my sons. My husband commit suicide early this year. Please pray for my depression and anxiety to be removed so I can be the best parent I can be for my beautiful boys. Please pray for hope and peace and joy to be brought back into our lives. Please also pray for God's protection from negative thoughts and to keep us safe in the truth, and free from fear of further attacks from my husband's family. Thank you so much

Phil Chavez, June 23, 2022 - 6:39 pm

Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine.Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for Lorraine. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and will supernaturally become newer and repaired. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve,aunt Jackie and Pray salvation, healing and long life for my mom's boyfriend Joe who has cancer.. In the name of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach Amen . ... Please Pray GOD Blesses me with a life partner real soon in JESUS Name. I've been praying for this since 1995

Demetrius Lancaster, June 3, 2022 - 10:05 pm

I have students whose mom is receiving chemo for kidney cancer. Please pray for her (Bernice) healing and that she would be encouraged in her faith. Please also pray that her two boys and husband would continue to be well.